When I’m on vacation, I don’t hesitate to join a New Year's party solo. It’s part of the adventure and it's usually being held where I’m staying.

Yesterday, I asked, “Why would you not do the same when you are at home? “ As I explored options for New Year's Eve, I came across a cabaret theatre show followed by a dance party. This resonated with me. I wanted festivities with the hats, the noise makers. I wanted to clap, call out, move to the beat of the music and to meet people. I found my "event match". 

For safety’s sake, I told a few close friends about my plans.  One replied, “I give you a lot of credit to be able to do that yourself - that's the type of venue I couldn't go to alone, but my loss certainly. You radiate the total spirit of the new year - hope, optimism, joy!  I'm sure you'll meet lots of nice people.”  This was  a vote of support which validated that I was doing what was right for me. 

How did it turn out?  I met nice people. I had fun. I will do this again.

The experience was a a reminder that I'm very fond of uncommon adventures because they are transforming.  

What will you do in 2016 that’s uncommon for you?